In almost every part in the world, properties are transferring from one person to another. It can have so many ways it could be either by way of a gift or by transferring the property in good consideration. No matter what way they are trying to follow, these transactions must happen according to the law of property in that particular state. Therefore one has to be very through of the transaction and shall pick genuine and loyal parties to the case. Even when selecting the lawyer to the issue, they should have a clear idea of the character of the lawyer because today, there are so many instances where it was found that the lawyer is a fake body who is holding a fake license. What they do is getting copies of deeds belonging to another and fills them with the current transaction information and seals it with an identity that belongs to another lawyer and getting the professional fee from the parties. These transactions are not valid before the law and the innocent parties will have no get away. 

Therefore when purchasing a property, first the buyer shall meet a genuine property advocate North Melbourne for the future execution. Then after refereeing the extracts of the land through a land registry of that particular state, the pedigree of the land shall be drawn. This is done to see the origin of transactions that has happened in this land. After that the survey plan of the land must be checked in order to see whether it is valid or not. These can be done by a lawyer only as they have the proper knowledge and experience for these. After these procedures are done, a clear title report has to be done. While these things are happening it is important for the buyer to discuss with the seller the market value and the price of the land. Afterwards the buyer shall go and visit the land to see whether it can fulfill the byer’s needs. For these instances the buyers agent shall also come as a support for the buyer. He/she shall work to the commission provided by the buyer and the buyer should definitely have a hope and a confidence of the character of that agent because loyal people are very few in the society today compared to old days. After these things are properly done all the parties with genuine witnesses must come and sign the deed in order to get the ownership of the particular land.