Now Is The Time, Not Later


Young couples and singles in a hurry to get into buying their first home should not be as rushed as many people thing. Known to be the biggest decision of your life, purchasing an apartment or house needs to be done carefully – and the time has to be taken to consider all the variables and option.

Residential sales in Ballarat are vast and plentiful. From the smallest of the small to the biggest of giants, places to live come in all sorts of shapes and sizes – and prices.

The ins and outs of residential sales are nothing to laugh at or take for granted. The difference between a couple of dollars or pounds here and there can soon add up to thousands and even hundreds of thousands. It’s the kind of discussions and negotiations that can bankrupt or entirely finance things.

There is a story of a couple who invest their entire life savings into buying a house, but were hampered and eventually hurt by the whole situation. They now live on the streets, living from hand to mouth an unable to rub a couple of cents together. This is the worst example, but there are plenty of positive examples out there too.

Take, for instance, the single guy who found a small place in a local suburb close to where he grew up. He invested wisely, found the right people to help him invest, chose the right bank and channel to invest through and now is stinking rich – and has numerous properties around the globe.

His was the near perfect ploy to get it right from the word go. He started small, thought big, dreamed bigger and now is well on his way to ultimate financial success. There are many other familiar examples that tried to the same but did not get it right. They were too quick in their decision making or too slow to react to the ebbs and flows of the market.
Don’t end up like them, rather end up like the leading light. You have it in you to get this right, for yourself and for the family – and the bigger picture. One day, when you look back at the small sacrifices made early in the day and early in the piece, you will see the benefits for the longer term.

Your family did it before you and their family before them. While it might not make sense or cents now, come the future, it will all be very beneficial and show you the fruits of your early pledges.

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