When you’re looking for a place to live and still want it to be a long -term investment, it is important to be strategic in your choice of location. While it is vital to look for the latest real estate trends and what is convenient for you when it comes to travelling to work, there are other things to keep in mind. Things that new residential investors in Perth should keep consider is access to public transport, distance to the CBD, the city’s growth potential and quality of infrastructure – here are some areas that are a great choice when it comes to Perth.  

Wellard is still quite new and is approximately a 30 minute commute to Perth’s CBD and the area was very well planned much like Melbourne. This is a hot spot for young families being a young suburb that is not amongst the hustleand bustle of the city but is still close enough to make the commute to work. This suburb which is 30 minutes South of Mandurah, exemplifies value for money with houses being very affordable. While it is a great place to raise your family, it is also a fantastic investment. An area that is regularly recommended by experts is Morley as it has been transformed and become a consistently successful place to invest in. Real estate agents would be keen to get their hands on properties in this area as it has shown consistent growth at a high rate over the years. The word strategic is often associated with Morley whether it be regarding the planning of the area or the notion of investing there. Houses have been expanded and turned into apartment blocks and duplexes over Morley’s period of transition as well as more shopping areas that has resulted in the Government investing in this area. With infrastructure updates, lifestyle hubs including Leederville and Mt Lawley and further government spending – investing in a property in Morley is a very smart idea. Bassendean is another great suburb that is on its way up but is still affordable. With it being very close to the foreshore and 10km from Perth’s CBD, you really have the best of both worlds. Just to make it even better, it is a short distance from the Swan Valley Wine region. What more could you want? It is an excellent suburb for those who work in close proximity to the CBD so you can be close to work without living amongst the city lights. There is an abundance of options when it comes to public transport with plans to improve it further. With these plans to further improve this area, this can only lead to good to things for the value of the houses in Bassendean. So if you are not looking to work with landlords in Perth CBD, the above listed areas are fantastic alternatives.