At some point in their young lives, many little girls (and some boys!) dream of having their own pony. However, a pony isn’t a toy, and if you’ve decided you’re going to help your child’s dream come true, there are a lot of things that you’ll need to take into consideration. Here are just a few things that you’ll need to know.

Can We Give it the Right Care?

Ponies need a lot of looking after, and if you’re willing to buy your child a pony, you’ll also need to be willing to clean out a stable every day, fill hay nets and make sure that it’s fed and watered daily, just to name a few. Unless you live on a rural property where you can keep the pony, you might also have to travel daily to carry these tasks out. If you’ve had horses and ponies before you will already know what’s expected, however, if you’ve never owned your own horse or pony, the amount of care involved could come as a bit of a shock if you’re not sure what to expect. You’ll also need to be prepared for what might happen if your child becomes bored, as you may find yourself carrying out the daily care of a pony that your child has become tired of after the novelty has worn off. Looking for a perfect rural property for your children this resource can help you. 

Will the Novelty Wear Off?

For some kids, the novelty of owning their own pony will wear off after a couple of weeks, whereas others will go on to own horses and ponies all of their life. For this reason amongst many others, it’s a good idea to test the waters before you commit to buying a pony by taking your child to riding and horse care lessons. Not only will this help them to decide whether they’ll actually commit to looking after their own pony, they’ll also be much better equipped and prepared to care for and ride it, as well has having a support network of people from the riding stables who you can both turn to for help when needed.

How Do I Know if We’re Ready?

If your child has been taking riding lessons and horse care classes for a number of months and is still very keen to carry on, you may soon be ready to own your own pony. Remember, though, that actually owning a pony is a lot more hard work than simply taking riding lessons, so it may be a good idea to loan a pony for a few weeks, or ask a friend if your child can help with their horse or pony to give them an idea of the experience. If, after all these steps are taken you and your child are still ready to commit to owning a pony, you should probably start looking for the perfect one for you and for a perfect place for them. Check this article for more details on finding the best property.